Official promotional film of Beijing comedy week 2020

Official promotional film of Beijing comedy week 2020 and performance schedule of 2019 Beijing comedy week

New live screening unit of Beijing comedy week 2019

Selected drama units of Beijing comedy week 2019

Traditional comedy unit of Beijing comedy week 2019

Special invited unit of opening and closing of Beijing comedy week 2019

Beijing comedy week in 2019 as scheduled and most of the best products ignite midsummer


This comedy week was held on the capital stage from September 10 to 28, 2018. On the basis of the success of the event in 2017, it takes "comedy is power" as the theme, including three major contents of "youth original comedy power, Chinese traditional comedy elements and foreign classic comedy masterpieces". 16 excellent drama masterpieces from home and abroad and 3 foreign classic ntlive are staged in turn.

Leader of the original drama "roaring Qin opera"

The large-scale stage comedy "roaring Qin opera" launched by Xi'an dialect theatre is the opening drama. With its unique comic features and the story plot closely related to everyone in the current era, the play once again hits human nature and enlightens the mind.

International classic "imperial envoy"

"International standard" is also a significant feature of the 2018 Beijing comedy week. This week invited the international classic comedy "imperial envoy" as the finale.


Schedule of 2017 Beijing comedy week

The remaining 16 works of comedy week are also excellent works of "high quality". Mahua, which is deeply loved by the audience with its hilarious comedy, will bring two classic comedies, the Earl of Wulongshan and men, which can be said to be a blockbuster. Three works adapted from foreign classics will lead the audience to appreciate the charm of the masters: muddle headed troupe tells about the absurd performances of amateur troupes full of loopholes; domestic scandal exposes the embarrassing situation of husband and wife exposing each other; burning madhouse reproduces the pain of national treasure level masters rooted in laughter. Of course, comedy week is also full of children's favorite works

Beijing comedy week in September 2017

The activities of 2017 Beijing comedy week gathered many comic resources in Beijing, combined the strength of comedy experts, comedy creators, comedy lovers and other multi-faceted and multi group forces, and built a large platform for mutual communication, communication and mutual learning for the comedy industry.

Opening of 2017 Beijing comedy week: love Aksay

One belt, one road, is a new strategy for the new era. It embodies the new concept of "one belt and one road" strategy, and highlights the harmonious society situation between the military and the people, and the positive energy of the country. Humorous language, wonderful performance, strong border customs and sincere feelings of the army and the people are very infectious.