Play Fake Singles Mr. and Mrs. SINGLE

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  • Play If, I’m Not Who I Am

Translated By Chiao

There is a group of people who mantra keeps being “I am single”, but they carefully avoid mentioning the white mark on their ring finger. They claim to be happy singles, but it is difficult to find their whereabouts on holidays. In 2008, a “leftover lady” named Zhang Jingyi met a “budget husband” named Cui Minguo. In 2009, Zhang Jingyi put on her wedding dress and “got married to the budget husband”. In 2010, Zhang Jingyi joined Cui Minguo’s company as a senior executive. In order for her job and for the purpose of buying a price-capped house that is said to never depreciate, Zhang Jingyi and Cui Minguo thus became a couple of “fake singles”.

The boss flirts. Colleagues intrigue against each other. Husband and wife are suspicious about each other. All these turned a company into a secrecy bureau. Fake singles shall uphold great ideas of the spy Yu Zecheng and repeat to themselves every day that “promotion is not achieved and spouse needs to be hidden”. But then again, the reason why we get married is to show the world that we are committed to each other: we will never separate and do not disturb.

Cast Member

Directed by: Li Bonan
Written by: Ha Zhichao
Performers: Lu Ye, Hai Yan, Li Jinfeng, Wu Qiong


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