Comedy warms life


opening ceremony

Time:2020-9-2 14:30

Theater:Beijing Tianqiao Art Center

The opening ceremony of this year will be broadcast live on the Internet, during which we will review the development and achievements of Beijing Comedy Week since its inception, and announce the basic situation of this year's Beijing Comedy Week. During the same period, we will present five ugly and four beautiful pictures with makeup.

2020 Official Video

Tradition Comedy

  • Beijing opera Three Strikes at Tao Sanchun
  • Burlesque Gu’s Nanny
  • Beijing Local Opera Wang Zhihe
  • Jilin opera Fates of Three Sisters
  • Sichuan opera Yi Danda
  • Beijing opera The Case of the Jade Bracelets

Selection of drama

  • Play Mr. Li’s Fantasy of Love
  • Play Family Prescription
  • Play Neighbors in Beijing
  • Play Looking West at Xi’an

New live screening

  • King and I
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • An Ideal Husband
  • An American in Paris-The Musical

Drama film adaptation

  • Play Fake Singles Mr. and Mrs. SINGLE
  • Play Hello, Madman!
  • Play Mr. Donkey
  • Play If, I’m Not Who I Am