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It is a romance that just began but has to end.

It is a person that intends to offend no one but ends up offending everyone…

Sun Tong and Duoduo are classmates and friends, who share one dormitory. Without his fiancée knowing it, Duoduo goes after his first girlfriend Mo Mo and askes his friend Sun Tong to give a hand. Given that Sun Tong is a goody-goody that intends to offend no one, he lies in front of Duoduo’s fiancée that Mo Mo is his girlfriend. Sun Tong then falls in love with Mo Mo unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Mo Mo finds out Duoduo’s deception and breaks up with him. Hearing about their break-up, Sun Tong declares his love to her. The couple is about to start their romance.

At this moment, Sun Tong finds his job is at risk. With the help of Duoduo, the risk is handled. Duoduo wants Sun Tong to help him get Mo Mo back as a reward. Therefore, Sun Tong must choose between love and friendship, morality and interests...


Written by: Zhou Shen
Directed by: Zhou Shen, Liu Lu
Music Producer: Fan Chong
Performers: Sun Bo, Zhao Xiaolu, Zheng Lei, Kong Lingmei, Liu Lu


Allied (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd