• Play Fake Singles Mr. and Mrs. SINGLE
  • Play Hello, Madman!
  • Play If, I’m Not Who I Am


During the Republic of China, there was an acute shortage of water at a village school. A donkey was thus reported by the headmaster as an English teacher to fetch water for the school. When superior leaders made their check, a blacksmith was required to pretend to be the English teacher Mr. Donkey. The superior leaders, however, asked a lot of questions regarding Mr. Donkey and would not let it go. Since the whole thing was about to come to light, people had no choice but to make up more lies. Things continued to be unexpectedly surprising.


Zhang Yiman - Pan Yishuo
Headmaster Sun Henghai – Pang Difei
Pei Kuishan - Zhang Yixuan
Zhou Tienan - Zhu Lei
Sun Jiajia – Gao Yajun
American Citizen Ross – Ma Zijie
Blacksmith – Kou Jie
Blacksmith’s wife - Jian Shanshan
Commissioner - Wu Genghua


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