• Play Fake Singles Mr. and Mrs. SINGLE
  • Play Mr. Donkey
  • Play If, I’m Not Who I Am


The story begins with a dialogue of seven persons. No one knows where they are at first, and it is not until everyone was injected with sedative and woke up again after the chaos that they could think calmly. Life is the same. Sometimes, we all need sedative. Through the portrayal of the heroine Icy, a very ordinary person, the director is to present six other “ordinary persons” that can be easily seen in our daily life.

When the play is over, you may feel that you are one of the characters, who are the reflection of you.

We hope that the conscience of the audience will be awakened by this play.

We aim to encourage them to live their life positively and freely.


Written by: Liu Jing, Rao Xiaozhi
Directed by: Rao Xiaozhi
Performers: Fan Xiang, Wen Tao, Xie Bo, Wang Ge, Xiong Ya, Li You, Zhang Zhen


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Shenzhen Yiyi Yiyi culture media Co., Ltd