2020 Beijing International Comedy Festival

Founded in 2017, Beijing comedy week is sponsored by Beijing Federation of literary and art circles and Beijing Dramatists Association, and organized by kuanyou (Beijing) Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. The project aims to further explore the artistic charm of Chinese traditional comedy, promote the prosperity of Chinese contemporary comedy art, strengthen the research and improvement of comedy theory, and promote the friendly exchange of Chinese and foreign comedy culture.

Beijing comedy week 2020 has specially planned the annual theme of "Xi on the cloud" and reached cooperation with Tencent video art channel and cat's eye entertainment. It is hoped that the combination of "Online + offline" and "Online + on-site" will break the regional restrictions and bring visual and artistic enjoyment to more audiences, so that everyone can feel the charm and feeling of drama at home The warmth of comedy.

This Beijing comedy week will bring you 18 screenings of classic dramas, 3 new online drama explorations and 1 comedy academic forum. We will meet in Beijing comedy week.

Beijing Dramatists Association

Beijing Dramatists Association It is a professional people's organization under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and voluntarily combined by the capital dramatists. It is a bridge and link between the party and the government to connect dramatists and drama workers. It is also a group member of the Beijing Federation of literary and art circles and the Chinese Dramatists Association.

Beijing Dramatists Association was founded in February 1963, Mr. Cao Yu, a famous Chinese playwright, was elected as the first chairman. Performing artists Yu Shizhi, Lin liankun and Pu Cunxin have successively served as the chairman of the Drama Association. The current chairman is Mr. Ren Ming, President of Beijing People's Art Theater and famous drama director.

Beijing Dramatists Association has the responsibility of liaison, coordination, service and guidance to the capital drama art workers. It is committed to strengthening the unity of the drama team, actively finding and supporting new drama talents, constantly expanding the drama team, organizing the vast number of members to carry out drama creation, drama performance, drama education, theoretical research, academic exchange and talent training, etc., so as to promote and strengthen the cooperation between the Beijing Dramatists Association and other drama artists The provincial, municipal and autonomous region theatrical groups as well as all walks of life should have contacts and exchanges with drama groups in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese, carry forward the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese nation, devote themselves to international cultural exchanges, expand friendly exchanges, and make contributions to the development of world culture and the peace and friendship of people of all countries.

Beijing Dramatists Association has established Beijing International Youth Drama Festival, golden hedgehog college student drama festival, Beijing comedy week, Beijing (Taihu) Shadow Puppet Art Festival and contemporary small theater drama festival.


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